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Résultat : Non Communiqué
Estimation : Réservé aux abonnés

2022 (year of production)
2004 (year of creation)
Golden paint applied under pressure and molotow acrylic paint on bronze, varnished.
H13 x L16 x 11 cm

Token Type: ERC 721
Blockchain: Ethereum

Important notice:
Each sculpture is unique and handmade by the artist.
Each NFT is an exact replica of each work because it is made 360's of each work. 

Julien Marinetti: “At the time, I was neighbor with Tom Ford and Richard Burkley, I had sympathized with them. Tom Ford is one of the greatest geniuses of couture and who was artistic director of Gucci and Yves Saint-Laurent genius that needs no introduction. Richard and Tome had a little dog that we went for a walk from time to time, until in 2004, the day when Tom arrived at one of my vernissages crying and announced the death of their little companion "John" and offered me a Announcement death. From that day I decided to create a little dog and the eternal & immortal animal diviner under the guise of “Doggy John”.”

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