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DIRCK VAN DELEN 1605 / 1671

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"Meeting at the Golden Door"
Signed in the lower right-hand corner. The back has a wax seal dated 1879. With certificate by William Fraser Lowe (Fine Art Investments) Painter of religious compositions and especially church and architectural interiors. Probably a student of Frans Hals. It is believed that he visited Rome in 1623. Dean at Arnemuyden in 1663. He was part of the Gilda de Middelbourg. He painted architects in the paintings of Boeyermans, D. Hals, Van Herp, Wouwerman, Palamedes and Van Thulden among others. In this Print he shows his special skill in the interpretation of architectural perspectives, with adequate study of lights, attention to ornamental elements and wise disposition of the characters. Origin: -Christie's. Old Master Pictures, London. 13 May 1988, lot 161 - Caledonia Gallery, Madrid - Private collection, Madrid
60 x 92 cm
Oil on board
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