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Louis Damon, Paris, 'Grenouille…

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Louis Damon, Paris, 'Grenouille et Serpent' berluze, c. 1900, Exceptionally tall. Oval body with high, slightly funnel-shaped neck. H. 64.3 cm. Cased glass, clear, milky opalescent, green and purple. Decor completely engraved with the wheel, motif of a pond landscape with water lilies, jumping frog, pursued by a snake, its body wound around the neck of the vase. Fine structured ground. Signed: LDamon Paris (engraved)., Louis Damon, owner of the glass and porcelain business 'Au Vase Etrusque' opened his own glass refining workshop in 1889-1905. The vases were mostly produced by Daum Freres in Nancy. Damon also distributed vases by Emile Galle.
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