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Zuber: The Art of Wallpaper

Published on , by Stéphanie Pioda

1790: the golden age of wallpaper. The Zuber factory strives to preserve a heritage that it brings to life through its collection of 150,000 printing blocks, classified as historic monuments.

length n°9 Les Vues d’Amérique du Nord (Views of North America).© Zuber  Zuber: The Art of Wallpaper
length n°9 Les Vues d’Amérique du Nord (Views of North America).
© Zuber 
The Zuber factory near Mulhouse, housed in the same building since 1797, plays a double role. One is historical, as it is the oldest wallpaper factory still active (its carved wood printing blocks are classified as historic monuments); the other is economic, as it is a flourishing company achieving 80% of its turnover through exports. This duality is embodied in the layout of its main buildings: on one side the Wallpaper Museum, whose lofts hold the 130,000 decorative pattern designs created since the company was founded, which still provide raw material for the company's production and inspiration; on the other, the workshops where craftspeople work with the carved wood blocks every day. Two worlds that seem diametrically opposed, since conservation with…
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