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Estimating an object

Gazette Drouot Estimating an object
How to get your objects estimated ?

The auctioneers are authorised to appraise and estimate objects. They can draw up an inventory with a view to a sale, a succession, an apportionment or for insurance purposes. This inventory is composed of a file on the moveable heritage, including the description and the appraisal of the items. The auctioneers are also at your disposal to advise on management of the movable heritage.

If you wish to have an object you own estimated, you can contact an auction house.
It is also possible to obtain an initial opinion on the basis of a photograph sent by post. Otherwise, you can make an appointment by telephone to request an on-site expert evaluation. An authorised auctioneer will then estimate your objects on the spot.

After having your object estimated, see how to sell at Drouot.