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L’Atelier du Bois Doré on Rue Voltaire: Bespoke Savoir-Faire In Paris

Published on , by Valère-Marie Marchand

For over 40 years Daniel Lecomte and his team have been restoring and reproducing old giltwood furniture and accessories to bring back their original luster.

Véronique Lecomte.© Valère-Marie Marchand  L’Atelier du Bois Doré on Rue Voltaire: Bespoke Savoir-Faire In Paris

Véronique Lecomte.
© Valère-Marie Marchand

Collectors are quite familiar with the aptly named Atelier du Bois doré (Gilded Wood Workshop) at 15 quai Voltaire in Paris, a stone’s throw from the Sennelier art supply store and two steps from Karl Lagerfeld’s former apartment. The shop with midnight blue windows is bursting with glittering, custom-made treasures, from 17 th and 18 th -century French frames to 16 th and 17 th -century Italian, Spanish and Dutch frame designs, mirrors, consoles, coffee and game tables - all made according to the rules of cabinet making, but also over 70 types of sconces, lighting fixtures and classical and neoclassical decorative objects. For over 40 years, Daniel Lecomte, a gilder by training, has worked with France’s finest artisans to breathe new life into old objects. His credo? To offer the best in the business. His motto? “Elegant models and outstanding craftsmanship with a real eye for detail”. Wood gilders often put the finishing touches…
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