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Chairman of the Board of Directors: Alexandre GIQUELLO
Managing Director - Publication Director - DAF.: Olivier LANGE
Editor-in-chief: Sylvain ALLIOD
Deputy Editor-in-Chief: Sylvie BLIN
Technical editor: Sébastien COURAU
Editorial website manager : Céline PIETTRE
Digital project manager - Webmaster : Carole FOUCHER
Distribution / Subscription: Ewen LE DOUGET – Sarah CHARRIERAS – Evelyne BORG
Publicity: Séverine COLIN – Anastasia GHITU – Christian VALORSO
Editorial team: Agathe ALBI-GERVY - Anne DORIDOU-HEIM – Philippe DUFOUR - Caroline LEGRAND - Claire PAPON - Sophie REYSSAT
Sub-editors: Alain MERVOYER – Isabelle TURPEAU
Editors - rewriters: Sandrine GUILLON – Sandrine SCHIANO
Production: Céline DOROTHEE – Alexandre BARBIER - Nadège ZEGLIL - Emma VASSEUR
Accounts: Marie CARDOSO – Florence BORDERIEUX – Céline GERACI
Switchboard: Nadine GASTECLOU


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