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Gazette Drouot FAQ


We offer two types of subscription:

Full subscription (paper + Web): La Gazette Drouot is delivered to our subscribers on Friday by the post office or a home delivery service in Paris, in the Paris and Lyon regions .
You also benefit from the advantages of the digital version (see below).

Digital subscription (Web): available as of 3 p.m. on Thursdays.
The content of the electronic La Gazette Drouot is the same as that of the paper version.
You will receive an e-mail notifying you of the availability of the latest issue of your magazine in PDF format each week.
In addition to the paper magazine and the digital version, subscription to La Gazette Drouot offers many advantages:
- Viewing of results of auctions when lots have been knocked down
- Unlimited browsing of online articles
- Download of La Gazette Drouot in PDF formats
- Presentation of each auction announced in La Gazette Drouot
There are several ways you can subscribe:
1) On the Internet, by subscribing online. Fully secure payment is possible by credit card only.
2) By telephone, by calling the subscription service on 33 (0) 1 47 70 93 00.
Telephone subscription requires payment by credit card.
3) By post, via a completed subscription form returned to La Gazette Drouot (traitement des abonnements), 18, boulevard Montmartre, 75009 Paris.
Postal subscription requires payment by cheque, bank transfer or SEPA Direct Debit.
4) With the assistance of Hôtel Drouot hostesses (payment by credit card, cheque or in cash)
It is perfectly possible to subscribe to La Gazette Drouot for international delivery. Please note, however, that only a one-year subscription is possible for this type of delivery (outside France, Monaco and Andorra). For a paper subscription taken out online, make sure you specify the country of delivery so that account is taken in the subscription price (including postal charges).

Gazette Drouot

For a paper subscription taken out in another way, select the price corresponding to the geographical area of the desired delivery. For a digital subscription, the question of international delivery does not arise. For any additional queries, please contact us by email by clicking here.
If you wish to offer someone a subscription to La Gazette Drouot, contact the subscription service by email.
If you have a La Gazette Drouot user account, you can change your delivery address on your own under My Account/Personal Information.
The change will take effect as of the following week's issue.

Gazette Drouot
Gazette Drouot

If you do not have a La Gazette Drouot user account, contact the subscription service .
Whether you are a subscriber to the paper or digital version, you are free to consult the electronic version of La Gazette Drouot.
You can download the PDF and ebook versions of your magazine by going to My Account/Download .
If you have not received your magazine once the normal delivery date has passed, please contact us.
Log in to your user account to see the end date of your subscription, as well as the number of issues remaining.
Gazette Drouot
Your subscriber number can be found under My Account/Subscription..
Gazette Drouot
If you entered an email address and a password when subscribing, then you already have a La Gazette Drouot account, which allows you to download the digital version of the magazine. If you have trouble logging in, feel free to use the password reset procedure.

If you did not enter an email address when subscribing, create a La Gazette Drouot account, then contact the subscription service, while providing your subscriber number (to be found on the magazine film wrap) along with the email address serving as the username for your account.
The subscription service will then ensure that you can then enjoy the benefits of the web subscription.
If you took out a subscription online after may 2019, your subscription will be renewed automatically. This allows you to enjoy a subscription to La Gazette Drouot without any interruption in delivery.

You can, however, at any time and up to 5 days before its renewal, go to your User account/Subscription page to deselect the automatic renewal box.

Gazette Drouot Renew Subscription
Several factors may explain the failure to renew your subscription
- Your credit card has expired and has not been updated in your user account
- Your bank refused the debit
- You previously indicated that you do not want to automatically renew your subscription
To subscribe again, go to the website's subscription page.
To buy one or more past issues of La Gazette Drouot, please contact the subscription service via the contact form, specifying the issue(s) in question.
While stocks last, past issues are sold at €3.50 each, plus postal charges, which vary depending on the place of delivery.


By subscribing online on the La Gazette Drouot website, you gain access to a secure payment area where you can pay by credit card, Visa, MasterCard or American Express.
If you wish to pay by cheque, bank transfer or SEPA Direct Debit, please download the subscription form available on the website's Subscription page.
To change your bank details, send your RIB to [email protected]
If you wish to make a payment by phone, contact the subscription service on +33 (0)1 47 70 93 00.
It can be downloaded into your user account under the Subscription tab. If you do not have a user account, you can contact the subscription service via the contact form.
Gazette Drouot Subscription Download
If you benefit from automatic renewal of your subscription, you must update your credit card when it expires.
To do so, go to the "Bank information" tab in your user account.
Gazette Drouot Subscription Account

User account

Creating a user account for La Gazette Drouot is very simple. An email address and a password are all you need.
You then have to activate the account in your emails to log in and benefit from all the free services.
If, at login, you get the following message, "Account pending validation, go to your emails to click the activation link sent previously" this means that your account is not activated.
To activate it, go to your email inbox and open the "Activation of your Gazette Drouot account" email, then click the "Activate my account" button.
If you are unable to locate your activation email, get in touch with the subscription service using the contact form.
To update your account information, go to the tab:
-"Usernames" to change your email address and password
-"Personal information" to change your contact details, delivery address and billing address
-"Communication preferences" to change your newsletter and alert subscriptions
You do not need a user account to sign up for the La Gazette Drouot's newsletter.
All you have to do is enter your email address in the field indicated at the bottom of the website.
You will then have to validate your registration by clicking the link that will be sent to you by email.
Gazette Drouot newsletter
If you already have a user account, you can manage your subscriptions to the various newsletters that the Drouot group offers under the "Communication Preferences/Newsletter" tab. Remember to save your choices by clicking "Validate".
Gazette Drouot newsletter
You can also register for the magazine's themed schedule in the user account, under the "Communication Preferences/Newsletter" tab. Choose your region and the categories that interest you, before clicking "Validate"
To avoid missing the auction of an object that interests you, you can create an alert to automatically receive an email as soon as a lot which might interest you is posted online. To do so, go to the "Communication Preferences/Newsletter" tab in your user account to manage your alerts.
If you have forgotten your username, get in touch with the support staff of the La Gazette Drouot website using the contact form.
If you no longer have the password for your La Gazette Drouot account, please use the password reset procedure.
After entering your email address, you will receive an email containing a link allowing you to create a new password.
Please note: the password reset link is valid for 48 hours only. Beyond that timeframe, you will have to repeat the operation.


Only La Gazette Drouot subscribers are able to view results of auctions.
To view the results of auctions, take out a subscription online.
Auction announcements - or advertisements displayed in the paper magazine - are reserved for La Gazette Drouot subscribers. To see these announcements, please take out a subscription online.