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Cinq ouvrages : - Netsuke Familiar...

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Cinq ouvrages : - Netsuke Familiar and Unfamiliar : New Principles for Col­lecting, Raymond Bushell, Weatherhill, New-York, 1975. - Contemporary Netsuke : with a Foreword by Hans Conried, Miriam Kinsey, Charles E. Tuttle company, Rutland, 1977. - Masterpieces of Netsuke Art, Bernard Hurting, Wearthill, New-York, 1973. - Casques, Masque et Armures des Seigneurs de l'Ancien Japon, Jean-Christophe Charbonnier, ToriiLinks, Paris, 2003. - Japanese Art and Design, Joe Earle, Victoria and Albert Museum, Londres, 1986.

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