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JEAN DUBUFFET (Le Havre, 1901 -...

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SITE WITH 4 PERSONS - PSYCHO-SITE E 426 December 10, 1981 Acrylic on paper mounted on canvas Signed and dated lower middle: J.D.81 Label on the back of the gallery Jeannne Bucher - 53 rue de Seine in Paris, n° 7803 H. 50 x W. 67 cm PROVENANCE Former collection Galerie Jeanne Bucher, Paris Former private collection, Germany EXHIBITION Toulouse, Galerie Pierre-Jean Meurisse, January-February 1993, "Réflexion pour un musée" (label on the back) BIBLIOGRAPHY Catalogue des travaux de Jean Dubuffet : fascicule XXXIV - Psycho-sites, Paris, Les Editions de Minuit, 1984, n° 426, reproduced on p. 114 One is never more inventive than when one is forced. This Psycho-Site of Jean Dubufet attests it. While the artist, a victim of spinal disorders, is thwarted in his projects for Theaters of Memory, he begins a pictorial cycle in which he reinvents his art of collage in small paintings on paper that he executes at a frantic pace. He realized 500 of them between February 1st, 1981 and the end of January 1982. He walks and juxtaposes stereotyped characters in "ideas of sites" following strict aesthetic conventions, which he arbitrarily fixed. This Site with four characters represents a mental phenomenon, a combination of arbitrary signs forming a possible variation on the concept of four individuals propelled in an indeterminate place.

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