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Ebony furniture with ivory veneer...

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Ebony furniture with ivory veneer and bronze trim Vienna, late 19th century Ebony, oak, ivory, horn, mother-of-pearl, color pigments in imitation of hard stone; bronze Presented in its old condition, missing Dimensions of the sideboard: H. 106 cm, W. 118 cm, D. 52 cm Dimensions of the large mirror: H. 325 cm, W. 96.5 cm Dimensions of small mirror: H. 235 cm, W. 108 cm This precious piece of furniture of a great rarity is accompanied by its mirrors which pair in the following way: the cabinet is topped by the small mirror which is fixed on the back frame. The total height of this set is in vis-a-vis with the large mirror planned to face him in a decorative set created very probably for a big order or a Universal Exhibition . This set testifies to the revival of ivory in furniture design in the 19th century. The Universal Exhibition of 1867, where each country came to present its innovations in the field, was one of the highlights of this rediscovery. If France and Italy were especially famous in marquetry, Austria has favored the art of veneer. The base of a Neo-Renaissance cabinet made in Vienna shows the same type of colored inlays as the frames of the mirrors or the sideboard (fig. 1). The antique decorations of candelabra motifs and palmette friezes are enriched here by a powerful bronze scrollwork trim. The baroque crowning of the large mirror and the large medieval-inspired quatrefoil medallion show the inventive power of the revival artists.

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