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BAUDELAIRE Charles (1821-1867).

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L.A., [end of October 1843?], to his mother Madame AUPICK; 1 page in-8 in feverish handwriting. Baudelaire, aged 22, reiterates to his mother his refusal of legal advice and mentions for the first time his mistress Jeanne Duval. "I will send someone today to tell you the place I have chosen. I am perfectly happy with the conditions you have given me. You yourself will come and tell the master of the house. Only there will be no question of legal advice. If I realized that you had done it without my knowledge, I would run away immediately, and you would not see me anymore, because I would go and stay with Jeanne. - As I do not want to appear again at Mr. Leroy's, I send you the note of all that I have left there and that it will be necessary to have it carried by someone who cannot give my address." Correspondance (ed. Cl. Pichois, Bibl. de la Pléiade), t. I, p. 101. Provenance: Armand Godoy's collections (1982, n° 22), then Daniel Sickles (XIII, n° 5202).