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ARAGON Louis (1897-1982).

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Autograph poem, Pour demain, [1919]; 1 page in-8. Poem dedicated to Paul VALÉRY. It has 20 verses in five quintains. The manuscript, in black ink, was used for the publication in the magazine Littérature, on June 15, 1919. It was then collected in Feu de joie (Au Sans Pareil, 1920), the first collection of Aragon. A note in the title refers to the mention at the bottom of the page: "Belongs to M. Paul Valéry". We know the admiration that Louis Aragon and André Breton had for Paul Valéry at the time. "You that the spring operates Miracles punctuate my stanza My spirit in love with the departure in a sudden ray is lost perpetuated by the cadence "...