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SPECTACLE. 10 drawings and 4 prints. Set...

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SPECTACLE. 10 drawings and 4 prints. Set and costume models: - CATULLE (Claude). Original signed drawing, in colors. 40 x 23 cm, graphite, coloured pencils and gouache highlights, fabric coupon glued to the front; under glass. Costume for the character of the Maritana, full-length, for the TV film Don César by Bazan, directed in 1970 by Guy Lessertisseur based on the drama of Philippe Dumanoir and Adolphe d'Ennery. - [DUPONT (Jacques)]. 2 colour drawings. Handwritten legends, "Bal. Act II. 9th couple". 39 x 26 cm and 43 x 26 cm on 2 sheets of the same format, graphite, watercolour and gouache, fabric coupon glued to the front of one of the 2 drawings; under the same glass. Man and woman in full length, in rich outfits in the taste of the 18th century. - GESMAR (Charles Geismar dit Charles). 2 original signed drawings: scene of struggle between 2 female characters (29 x 21.5 cm, graphite, ink and gouache, under glass); and male character with flag and megaphone (22 x 21 cm, graphite and watercolour, handwritten legend "man", under glass frame). - LEVASSEUR (André). Original signed drawing. 31 x 16 cm, graphite and watercolour, with two original sketches in the margins. Handwritten legend "Diana and Actéon". - MATIAS (Charles Henrioud says). Original signed drawing, in colors. Dated 1969. Handwritten legend "Queen of Sheba + 2 men". 60 x 44 cm, graphite, watercolour, silver paint and greasy pastel; under glass. - OPERA: colour drawing signed "Ln B". 20 x 11 cm, pen and ink, watercolour. Beautiful portrait of a woman playing castanets, full length, in stage costume. A modern handwritten note on the back attributes it to the painter Lucien Besché. - RANSON (Gontran). Original signed drawing, in colors. 40 x 50 cm, gouache; under glass. Large staircase with, in the background, a wooded landscape at the art-deco villa. - ZAMORA (José de). Original signed drawing, in colors, dated "Paris 50". 28 x 22 cm, graphite and wat

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