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The Templons: Contemporary Art Gallery Owners from Father to Son

Published on , by Céline Piettre

At 33, Mathieu Templon joined his father's company (based in Paris) by taking over the Brussels branch. Although son and father may not always agree (a matter of style and generation), they invest the same energy in keeping their 53-year-old ship afloat and on course.

ARR The Templons: Contemporary Art Gallery Owners from Father to Son


Daniel Templon, you say you dislike the term "galeriste" in French (gallery owner), and "dealer" still more. So what is your profession, exactly? Daniel Templon.  Did I say that? (laughs). Actually, both terms suit me perfectly. When I started out, we only talked about "dealers". Then the use of "gallery owners" became widespread; it sounds more contemporary and highlights the activity of presenting works with a commercial aspect. But we are art dealers above all. The gallery is not a museum. Our job is to exhibit works with the aim of selling them. This is what artists need. Mathieu Templon.  I would just say that being dealers is only a part of our work. It is important, of course, but I feel the term “galeriste” (gallery owner) is more representative of what the job is today, which includes the organisation of exhibitions, logistics and relations with institutions alike. We also promote young artists, which is highly important. Your gallery has at one point been criticised for being too commercial... D.T. A gallery that is not commercial is doomed to become marginalised or even go under, and a good artist is one who sells pretty well, but for whom we find buyers. It's elementary! In France, making money is often frowned upon, while elsewhere it is a sign of success. For years, we were told not to show…
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