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The Five Senses at the Martell Foundation

Published on , by Virginie Chuimer-Layen

Former Martell foundation director Nathalie Viot has organized her final exhibition, which focuses on the five senses and the ideas of movement and vulnerability.

Rachel Marks (born 1986), Intrarubeus Rhizosphere, Martell foundation, 2022.Courtesy... The Five Senses at the Martell Foundation

Rachel Marks (born 1986), Intrarubeus Rhizosphere, Martell foundation, 2022.
Courtesy Fondation d'entreprise Martell
© CK Mariot

Most of the exhibited works were made in the Foundation’s studios by nine visual artists. Using the decor of vessels used in the previous show, the event, whose title is borrowed from Samuel Beckett and evokes the idea of resilience, is an immersive treasure hunt highlighting the body's ability to feel. The artists combine multisensory impressions in an often-synesthetic approach. The Athanor Robot by textile designer Jeanne Vicérial slowly weaves a dress whose volumes are similar to those of muscle fibers as dancer Julia Cima echoes the thread’s movement in a strange ritual ballet. Lux Ephemera, by light artist Odile Soudant, offers an experience where images called phosphenes are imprinted on the retina, prompting us to think about what we see or think we see. With Vegetasia, botanist Marc Jeanson, designer Marie Cornil and artist Alexandre Willaume invite us to reflect on the reaction of plants when they activate defense mechanisms such as gravitropism (resistance to gravity) and thigmotropism (reaction to touch). Lastly, American artist Rachel Marks’ tactile mega-sculpture Intrarubeus Rhizosphere seems to devour space with its gigantic paper vines. The exhibition is intended for all audiences but lacks cohesion and connections. It may leave some visitors feeling unsatisfied while making them want to learn more.

"The End Is in the Beginning and Yet You Go On", Martell Foundation, Cognac.
Until November 6, 2022.
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