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Anne-Sophie Leclerc: A Focus on Prehistory

Published on , by Stéphanie Pioda

Anne-Sophie Leclerc leads an institution where she has worked since 1982. The director of the Musée de Nemours, an hour from Paris, is getting ready to celebrate its 40th anniversary—an opportunity to rediscover its unique collections and Roland Simounet’s building.

© Didier Herman Anne-Sophie Leclerc: A Focus on Prehistory

© Didier Herman

How did the collection and the building itself get started? The museum was created by Michel Brézillon, director of Antiquities in the 1970s. In charge of prehistoric archaeology in Ile-de-France, he decided to create a museum to develop the collections gathered together since the 19 th century by amateurs and learned societies, and objects unearthed during excavations in the Paris Basin. Some of these were previously in the castle-museum of Nemours. Mr. Brézillon was well acquainted with Étienne Dailly, senator of Seine-et-Marne from 1959 to 1995, president of the Seine-et-Marne General Council from 1967 to 1979 and most importantly, mayor of Nemours from 1965 to 1977. He embraced the idea and backed the plan to establish the museum in his town. The Seine-et-Marne General Council voted to build it in 1972 before launching a competition in 1974, which was won by architect Roland…
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