Rich Flemish flowers and the magic of the 1950s

On 05 March 2020, by Philippe Dufour

Poetic diversity combined a Bouquet by Osias Beert with advanced design by Line Vautrin and Roger Capron.

Osias Beert the Elder (1580-1624), Bouquet de fleurs, copper, 22 x 18 cm.
Result: €107,300

Osias Beert the Elder, who joined the Antwerp painters’ guild in 1602, took as his subjects the most sought-after flowers of his time, tulips. Today it is his works that are sought-after. This opulent, colourful Bouquet de fleurs (Bouquet of Flowers) painted on copper (22 x 18 cm) fetched €107,300, more than tripling its highest estimate of €30,000. The next lot, an eccentric mirror (dia. 44 cm) by the inventor of "Talosel", was a great leap forward in time. Vautrin designed this model, "Mazarine", around 1960 as a tribute to the 17thcentury Baroque spirit. As popular as ever, this piece by the decorator sold for €45,100. Her contemporary, Roger Capron, followed with a funny “wading bird” ceramic lamp base. The Parisian artist always drew inspiration from nature to renew post-war ceramics, a quality that netted him €12,200 here.

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