A passion for heritage

On 19 July 2019, by Sophie Reyssat

During the European Heritage Days, the Hôtel Arturo López, Neuilly, will be a setting for historic objects at the now traditional sale staged by Aguttes.

Viennese work, ca. 1810, giraffe piano with portraits of Emperor Napoleon and Marie-Louise of Habsburg, F to F ivory keyboard, 6 octaves, 73 notes, 226.5 x 111 x 66 cm.
Estimate: €80,000/120,000

For the third year running, Aguttes will be in step with the great heritage ritual, right through to the theme – arts and entertainment – as a Viennese giraffe piano from around 1810 will be one of the attractions of the sale. Sporting the profiles of Napoleon I and Marie-Louise, the instrument could have been a wedding gift to them from Prince Charles Philip of Schwarzenberg, the Austrian ambassador in France (€80,000/120,000). The glittering portrait gallery continues with Emperor Alexander I of Russia, immortalised in around 1801 by the studio of Gerhard von Kügelgen (€50,000/80,000). History will also be featuring with a remarkable model of the Château de Castelnau (in the municipality of Plou, in the Loire region) made in ca. 1770: its paper walls, with architectural details drawn in ink and watercolour, unfold to display their natural elevation. You will need some €45,000 for this rarity, which is joined by a plane Atlas of the land and domain of the marquisate of Castelnau.

Monday 23 September 2019 - 16:00 - Live
Neuilly-sur-Seine - Hôtel Arturo Lopez - 12, rue du Centre - 92200
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