The flames of love that recall Versailles

On 02 July 2020, by Claire Papon

Created in the late 18th century, or more probably even in the following one, this lead fountain featuring "Cupid Pulling His Bow" is based on a model at the Chateau of Versailles.

"Cupid Pulling His Bow" fountain, lead, based on the model by Louis II Lerambert for the pool of the Parterre des Fleurs in the gardens of the Palace of Versailles, end of 18th - beginning of 19th century, 126.5 x 123 x 107 cm.
Estimate: €160,000/200,000

Everyone recognizes whimsical, nude, winged Cupid with a bow and quiver. Here he points his bow towards the sky, or more precisely the "sun", the emblem of Louis XIV. based on a work by painter and sculptor Louis II Lerambert (1620–1670), this fountain was made for the center of the pool in the Parterre des Fleurs (later the Parterre de l’Amour) in the gardens of the Chateau of Versailles. Sitting on an imposing seashell, Cupid brandishes his bow, his quiver, a symbol of the diverse nature of love, at his feet, accompanied by a cylinder containing messages to wrap around the arrows, a torch – representing marriage – and two doves. Commissioned in 1666, the work was placed at Versailles late the following year (Lerambert was paid 800 livres in July 1668). It dropped out of sight after major earthworks in 1681, probably put into storage at first, but in any case absent from the 1699 inventory. It was not found again, and identified, until 2007, with most of its attributes missing.

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