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Olympic Games/ summer, 1936/ Berlin/ Olympia/...

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Olympic Games/ summer, 1936/ Berlin/ Olympia/ Hindenburg/ Cartophily/ Philately. Exceptional set of 28 pieces on and around the Games of the 10th Olympiad: a) three exceptional pieces, Greek envelope with Olympia postmark plus special blue postmark "From Olympia to Germany on the occasion of the X Olympiad" (in German) (July 20, 36), cp franked with eight official Games stamps and illustrated round red postmark "Olympiafahrt 1936, Luftschiff Hindenburg" with the Olympic flag and the famous airship in the center (1/8/36), official sheet "Special stamps of the German Post Office for the Games of the XI Olympiad, 1936 in Berlin (in German), the 8 official stamps each with the round cachet with the bell mentioning the Olympic stadium (28.5x20), folded in two, with eagle, cross edged around the perimeter; b) 20 new photo vignettes from Olympia 36 Volume 2; c) 2 envelopes with ordinary postmarks on official stamps (11); d) two pieces, maximum card view of the stadium on the left, with two stamps and text "hier, 6 médailles d'or. On croit rêver" (in French), and new card, marathon entrance; e) five cards or envelopes with sports stamps, and official stadium postmark on 3, including one signed envelope, and two with Brandenburg Gate postmark, Olympische Spiele; f) three official photo cards, with the rings, a night-time opening ceremony, a distant view of the stadium, and a close-up of the Olympic cauldron, two with Brandenburg Gate postmarks; g) two modern pieces, 2001 Guinea stamps with Owens and Coubertin, plus in 2008, 1st day cover commemorating the double victory in 36 of wrestler Kristjan Palasalu (Esthonia). Enclosed is an envelope franked from Olympia on 20/7/36 with a 1913 tax stamp overprinted for the return of the monarchy.