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Lot n° 1973

A long South German wheellock gun with fine bone...

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A long South German wheellock gun with fine bone inlays, circa 1600 The slender, octagonal barrel with smooth bore in 14 mm caliber. The top of the barrel fullered at the breech, ornaments etched at the muzzle and root of the barrel. The lock fitted with an external wheel, spring-lock pan cover with release button. Lock plate and wheel with fine etched embellishment, a scene showing a mounted hunter in antique-style dress pursuing a boar. The full shaft made of fruitwood with delicate inlays of engraved and blackened bone and mother-of-pearl. Depictions of various domestic animals amidst blossoms and tendrils. A depiction of a stalking hunter and hound on the side opposite the lock. The patch box with a spring catch on the lid (an old replacement). Iron harp trigger guard, the original, wooden ramrod with engraved bone tip and threaded iron sleeve. Length 133.5 cm. Exquisite wheellock rifle in outstanding condition. Condition: II +