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In the style of DENBAC or METENIER, reunion of...

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In the style of DENBAC or METENIER, reunion of 7 pieces: Vase toupie with two handles, hemmed neck and small annular heel, in stoneware glazed in green, ochre and brown tones a recessed 177 on the underside Height: 11 cm Small two-handled baluster vase in blue-glazed stoneware a n°47. below Height : 10 cm Small pear-shaped vase with flared neck in blue, green and brown enameled stoneware Height: 7 cm Ball vase with two hemmed spouts and central handle in blue, gray and beige enameled stoneware. on the underside a 204 Height: 17.5 cm Small mustard pot (spoon missing) in brown and green enameled stoneware, on the underside a 199/2 Height : 11 cm Enameled stoneware pitcher with grey, blue, brown and green curved handle glued broken handle Height: 16.5 cm Glazed stoneware pitcher with curved handle in blue, green, brown and beige tones Height: 16.5 cm