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ROZIER (Abbé). Cours complet d'agriculture. Paris,...

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ROZIER (Abbé). Cours complet d'agriculture. Paris, Hôtel de Serpente, 1781-1796 (volumes 1 to 9), Paris, librairie d'éducation, an VIII-1800 (volume 10) Paris, Marchant, Drevet, Chapart, Caille Ravier, 1805 (volumes 10 to 12). 13 volumes in-4, first edition illustrated with numerous black plates off-text, including fold-outs, and tables in and off-text, some fold-outs. Complete with the tenth volume, almost entirely devoted to vines and wine, and the 2 volumes of supplements edited by Thouin after Rozier's death. An exceptional copy, enriched with a volume of documents recounting the difficulties of publishing the last volume of the Cours complet d'agriculture. When Abbé Rozier died in 1793, volume 9 remained unfinished and unpublished. It was finally printed in 1796, followed by a tenth volume in 1800 and two volumes of supplements in 1805. This volume includes a manuscript faux-title, 6 p. of manuscript table, 1 f. of subscription prospectus for the Cours complet d'Agriculture (1779) mounted on tab, a copy of a letter addressed by Huzard, veterinarian, to Cuchet, bookseller, to be included among the subscribers, Cuchet's autograph letter in reply, 1 f. printed announcing the publicaton of the first volume to subscribers by Cuchet, the printed receipt for the amount of Huzard's subscription completed and signed by Cuchet, a copy of a letter from Huzard proposing to Abbé Rozier a veterinary memoir on "Eaux aux jambes", a disease of horses, for publication in his Cours, autograph letters signed by Cuchet and Abbé Rozier giving him a favorable reply, dated 1781, the latter annotated in Huzard's hand indicating that the article had been inserted in Volume IV, pages 84-89, the printed receipt for the amount of Huzard's subscription for the second volume completed and signed by Lemoisne for Cuchet, a copy of a letter from Huzard to M. Bacher, editor of the journal de médecine, concerning the article "Catharre" by M. Thorel, published in the second volume of the Cours d'Agriculture, which is said to be a copy of one of his articles on the subject of catarrhal epizootics, a copy of a letter from Huzard to M. Mongez, editor of the Journal de Physique, on the same subject, the printed receipt for Huzard's subscription for the third volume, completed and signed by Lemoisne for Cuchet (1783), Cuchet's printed circular letter to subscribers asking them to pay in advance the amount of subscriptions due to the fire in his stock of books (April 25, 1783), printed circular letter from Cuchet to subscribers announcing the publication of the fourth volume, printed receipts for subscription amounts and circular letters for the publication of volumes 5 to 8, annotated by hand "Huzard imp. lib. rue de l'éperon"; a printed memorandum for citizen A. J. Dugour, homme de lettres et libraire, propriétaire du Cours d'Agriculture, par Rozier, contre les citoyens Leroy, frères, libraires à Lyon, contrefacteurs dudit COurs d'Agriculture (20 pages), pièces justificatives - 7 et 8 Thermidor [1798] (36 pages), premier mémoire et consultations pour le citoyen Leroy servant de réponse au mémoire publié contre lui sous le nom d'A.J. Dugour, annotated "Huzard" (48 pages, 1799), a printed extract from the chronique universelle of 27 Pluviose an 7 concerning the trial (4 pages, 1799), Consultation du citoyen Dugour contre les citoyens Leroy (92 pages, 1799), Second mémoire pour le citoyen Leroy contre le citoyen A. Jeudy-Dugour (40 pages, 1799), Réplique pour le citoyen Leroy, contre le citoyen Dugour, par le citoyen Reyre (56 pages), Résumé de l'affaire du citoyen Leroy contre le citoyen Jeudi-Dugour (2 pages), Réfutation de quelques principes d'agriculture avancés par MM. de Buffon, Condorcet et de Rosier, par M. Defage-Chazeau, président du canton de Pont-Saint-Esprit, département du Gard. Paris, de l'imprimerie de Charles, an XIII - 1805 (20 pages), announcement of publication of volumes XI and XII of the Cours complet d'agriculture (2 pages, 1805), Extrait du Magasin encyclopédique concernant le Cours complet d'agriculture, volumes XI and XII (March 1806 issue, 20 pages). Probably a copy by Jean-Baptiste Huzard, an eminent French veterinarian who was president of the Académie des Sciences in 1815. A great bibliophile, he was renowned for his research into documents relating to major scientific works. In particular, Huzard was appointed by the Commission d'Agriculture et des Arts to travel to Lyon in search of Rozier's manuscripts. In this volume, several of the memoirs bear his name in ink, his letters are copied and the original letters addressed to him are mounted on laid paper. Attached unbound: 2 handwritten testimonies in the L