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CHARLES DE MESNY, CHEVALIER DE COLOGNE, AGENT TO THE KING OF PRUSSIA. Important and fascinating archive of around 45 documents detailing relations between France and Prussia under Louis XV and during French emigration to Germany during the Revolution. Around 110 pages to study, including: FREDERIC II, DIT LE GRAND (1712-1786), King of Prussia. -3 L.S., two with long autograph apostilles and draft replies. Potsdam, February, August and December 1768. 3 pp. in-4. The King warns his agent about gold deliveries and silver exports and makes recommendations. He admonishes him and asks him to render accounts, and sends him a passport for France and a laissez-passer, etc. -a draft reply from Charles de Mesny. -a manuscript entitled: "Négociations du Chevalier Mesny de Cologne entre la France et la Prusse au mois de Juin 1768". Wesel, Potsdam and Versailles, June to August 1768. 20 pp. in-4. Silk laces. Transcription of the correspondence between Charles de Mesny, accredited agent of the King of Prussia, and that of Frederick II, with the Duc de Choiseul, for the conclusion of commercial treaties. A fascinating work. - COLBERT, Édouard Victurnien Charles René (1754-1839). Important set of 16 L.A. Essen, 1795-1796. Approx. 50 pp. in-4. Fine seals with the famous Colbert family coat of arms. Exciting correspondence recounting various episodes of the Revolution, echoes of the moods of French émigrés. In particular, the Vendée, Quiberon and Noirmoutier. "I am waiting for news from my brother and from England to make up my mind, as the silence of Mal de Castries leaves me free to do what I think best to serve Royalty in France. Since I pointed out to him that my arrival in the Vendée without any instruction whatsoever and as a simple volunteer could be of no use, I have had no news from him [...]"; "I also regret that the Baron de Breteuil has not been called by the King [...]". "Monsieur le Duc de Bourbon, who is only passing through London, will leave on Le Robuste [...]". - CALONNE, Charles Alexandre de (1734-1802), comte d'Hannonville, former minister of Louis XVI. Set of 5 L.A.S. Coblenz and Trêves, July and August 1792. 14 pp. in-4. Calonne, alongside the King's brothers, appeals to the King of Prussia for help in dealing with "the shortage of finances of our august princes at the most important and decisive moment of their noble enterprise". The ex-minister mentions the men available for the Princes' army, loans from Holland and drafts from Russia, the diamonds of the Countess de Vergennes, thanks for the funds received, etc. - COMTE DE MINNERAYE. Set of 8 L.A.S. and one P.A. Koblenz and s.l., July to September 1792. 14 pp. in-4. Curious red or black wax seals featuring a cat with the motto "a mauvais chat mauvais rat". Discusses finances and news affecting towns where emigrants have ended up. The worst rumors are circulating: "The Army General Staff announces that we're making great strides towards Paris, but the mail from the lower rin ma fait dresser les cheveux hÿer. It announces that the king is assassinated and the queen dead [...]". To be studied. - MISCELLANEOUS Aristocrats. Passive correspondence from the Chevalier de Cologne. 10 L.S. Essen, Pirmont, Breslau, Augsburg, Vienna, s.l. September 1795 to May 1796. 11 pp. in-4 and 2 pp. in-8. Discusses alliances, finances and various considerations on the Revolution. "What do you say about the famous Vendémiaire days? It seems to me that the royalists and constitutionalists of 1791 were in too much of a hurry [...]". Expert: Madame Mathilde Lalin-Leprevost