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Auguste RODIN. Gustave KAHN (1859-1936). 2 autograph...

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[Auguste RODIN]. Gustave KAHN (1859-1936). 2 autograph MANUSCRITS. - Rodin (L'homme et l'œuvre) (16 pages in-4, end missing): "Rodin's house overlooks a bend in the Seine that gullies between the hills of Meudon and Issy. [...] Rodin is not modest, nor does he have to be; the fierceness of his struggle with the nude, the mastery with which he has gone beyond the ordinary degrees of art to arrive at an intuition and a complete possession of the language of the human form, have rid him of these stammering timidities"... - Rodin's fundamental research was to give the sculptor's immobile, monochrome art as much movement and color as possible, through the arrangement of the statue's planes"... (7 pages in-8, unfinished?). We enclose 4 autograph fragments (one signed). Expert: Mr Thierry Bodin