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Bertel, Franz,

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Hatter in (Markt) Oberdorf. Five lecture pieces: Auf'em Land u. in der Stadt. - Congratulations for bridal couples on their wedding day - An Our Father is prayed with the wish H. Gibihm die ewige Ruh. Then continues... - The old wives' mill. - Prologue of the miller of the Weibermühle. - Speech at a wedding. - German manuscript on paper, c. 1880. qu.8°. 25 p., 4 w. Cover with gilt paper decoration. (signs of use, somewhat damaged). - With: ╔Collection of poems.╗ German manuscript on paper, ca. 2nd half 19th century. qu.8°. 79 hs. num. P., 18 p. Cloth binding (signs of wear, some cover flaws). - Among others: An die Wolken, Der Jüngling am Bach, Abschied, Abschieds-Lied, Mailüfterl, Der Zigeiner Knabe, Die Fahrt nach dem Rialto, Marthas letzte Rose, Damen Kalender, Ännchen von Tharau etc.. - Partly. Pencil scribbles, partly dusty and stained. R