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Furwitz,M. (Pseud.).

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Faithful, well-meant admonition to both princes presiding at Dusseldorff ... contrary to the reading and dissuasion, which has long since been published under the title of Paraenesis and Warning of a Patriot to both princes, etc. again law and the Holy Empire's Constitutiones publicly in the truck, etc. O. O. and Dr., 1610. 4º. With woodcut vign. on the title. 16 pp. mod. Pp. using an old printing. VD 17 23:310659A. - One of two prints in the same year (cf. VD 17 1:067979V). - Political pamphlet in a jokingly satirical tone, published under the speaking, as yet unresolved pseudonym Mercurius Furwitz (also Fürwitz). - Somewhat fl.