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Franz I.

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Succinta Notarialis lyra veri, et paci, sona posteritati lusa... This is: Chronographice briefly written of the unpartheyed post-world... Election and coronation of the... Roman King and Emperor Francis Stephani King of Jerusalem, Duke of Lotharingia... Mainz, Goubler 1745. 6 p. - ╔Appendix: Frolockungs-Stimme╗ der Ruffenden, aus der Stadt Fulda... Fulda 1757. 3 pp. - ╔Schwarz,J.C.╗ Seegens-volles Freuden-Opfer... Mannheim 1756. 4°. 4 pp. - ╔Applausus╗ aggratulatorius exoptato sincero... Karlsruhe (755). 4°. 4 pp. Without binding, bound. - Slightly browned, occasional faint spotting.