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GILET FLEURETTES DE JOUY, in cotton patterned...

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GILET FLEURETTES DE JOUY, in cotton patterned with florets on an ivory and salmon striped background. Salmon back, lining missing to make it light for summer. Size M. History of the Fleurettes de Jouy vest Manufacturer Christophe-Philippe Oberkampf owes his fortune to the considerable success of clothing indiennes, whose small motifs called mignonnettes are printed first on a woodblock and then on a copper roller. Constantly striving for manufacturing perfection was one of his mottos. To meet his exacting standards, Mr. Oberkampf had numerous "pinceauteuses" under his command, responsible for final touch-ups on small areas that did not require the engraving of a plate. The colors "pinceautées" were application colors: indigo-based brush blue for blue, quercitron, rust yellow and gaude for yellow, green being obtained by small touches of blue on yellow. The Fleurettes de Jouy vest is cut individually from a moiré fabric whose motifs are reproductions of field flowers "pinceauted" by hand in the second half of the 17th century.