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GILET MARIE ANTOINETTE, in lampas decorated with...

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GILET MARIE ANTOINETTE, in lampas decorated with the carnation of India, on a yellow and white squared background in its cage, beige background and lining. Size XS. History of the Marie-Antoinette Waistcoat The themes of Philippe de Lasalle (1723-1804), painter, designer and official ornamentalist to the courts of Louis XVI and Catherine II of Russia, reflect those of his era. His compositions are of remarkable amplitude and grace; flowers and plants are treated with a keen sense of observation of nature. The rigor and quality of the fabrics emanating from his compositions are due to his talents as a technician: Philippe de Lasalle conceived all the technical operations necessary for the shaping of his decors (including carding). The Marie-Antoinette vest is cut individually from lampas of exceptional weaving quality. Its design, in the purest tradition of Philippe de Lasalle's creations, is cheerful, airy and luminous: it depicts the so-called flower of the Indies, the wild carnation, with alternating leaves of peonies and carnations, all surrounded by a cage with a lattice background. Very much in vogue during the reign of Louis XVI, Philippe de Lasalle's floral designs reproduced 17 different species, including pansies, roses, ranunculus, forget-me-nots, peonies, volubilis, tulips, parrots, lilacs, camellias, jasmine, cornflowers and carnations.