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LES TIGRES GILET, in damask decorated with tigers...

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LES TIGRES GILET, in damask decorated with tigers and panthers on a yellow background, ivory silk lining. Size XS. History of the "Les Tigres" Waistcoat The "Les Tigres" vest is cut individually from a movingly historic fabric, created in the early 18th century and later embroidered with tigers and panthers. Its background damask with large arabesque acanthus leaves is characteristic of the reign of Louis XIV. The central abundance bowl filled with fruit adds to the majesty of this early 18th-century creation. The tigers and panthers, whose upper backs and paw tips are hidden by acanthus leaves, have been re-embroidered to give the effect of wild beasts bursting out of the undergrowth. Although lions appeared in Byzantine silks as early as the 2nd century AD, the influence of safaris and the travel accounts of 19th-century explorers is clearly felt here.