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Lucio Del Pezzo

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Untitled Mixed media on paper cm 34x56 Dedication bottom center Photograph of the artwork authenticated by the artist The lot is visible at Blindarte Milan - Lucio Del Pezzo was born in Naples on 13 December 1933. Among the founders of the "Group 58", he has always been very close to other avant-gardes, such as the Nuclear Movement of Enrico Baj, the Spoor of Monaco, Phases of Paris and Boa of Buenos Aires. Lucio del Pezzo’s production focuses on the use of common objects that, enriched with different materials, go beyond the boundary between painting and sculpture. His style is also characterized by a rapprochement to metaphysical atmospheres, while the playful sense and irony behind each work is inspired by the Dadaist movement. (From the artist’s biography of Pisacane Arte)