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A GILT-LACQUERED BRONZE FIGURE OF BUDDHA AKSHOBHYA, MING DYNASTY China, 1368-1644. Finely cast seated in dhyanasana above a lotus base, with his hands held in bhumisparsha mudra and dhyana mudra. Dressed in loose robes opening at the chest to reveal the undergarment, the hems detailed with a floral design, and adorned with fine jewelry. The face with a serene expression, downcast eyes below gently arched eyebrows centered by an urna, his hair in tight curls over the ushnisha surmounted by a knop behind the foliate crown. Provenance: From a European private collection, acquired in the Swiss trade. Condition: Good condition with old wear, few small nicks, dents, light scratches, casting flaws, rubbing and losses to the lacquer and gilt. Weight: 3.8 kg Dimensions: Height 31 cm Bhumisparsha mudra (the 'earth witness' gesture) is reserved for images of Buddha Shakyamuni and the Dhyani Buddha, Akshobhya. As Shakyamuni is traditionally depicted as an unadorned ascetic, the presence of the crown on this figure identifies him as Akshobhya. The latter is a concept of Tibetan-style Vajrayana Buddhism, which was introduced to China during the Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368). Auction result comparison: Type: Closely related Auction: Bonhams San Francisco, 10 December 2012, lot 5052 Price: USD 25,000 or approx. EUR 30,500 converted and adjusted for inflation at the time of writing Description: A cast bronze seated figure of the Buddha, Ming dynasty Expert remark: Compare the closely related modeling with similar base and size (29.1 cm), and condition of the gilt and lacquer.