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A SILVERED BRONZE FIGURE OF THE MEDICINE BUDDHA, BHAISAJYAGURU Tibet, 19 th – earlier 20 th century. Well modeled seated in dhyanasa on a lotus base with beaded rim, his right hand raised in abhaya mudra, the left resting on his lap holding a bowl, dressed in a fine robe gathering at the left shoulder and below his feet, the hems finely incised with scroll designs. The face with a serene expression and downcast eyes centered by a neatly incised spiral urna, flanked by elongated earlobes, the hair in tight curls and surmounted by an ushnisha with a jewel finial. Provenance: French trade. Condition: Very good condition with minor wear, few nicks, light scratches, minor dents, and casting flaws. The base unsealed. Weight: 222.3 g Dimensions: Height 9.2 cm Auction result comparison: Type: Related Auction: Sotheby’s New York, 24 March 2018, lot 1631 Price: USD 6,875 or approx. EUR 7,700 converted and adjusted for inflation at the time of writing Description: A bronze figure depicting Maitreya, West Tibet or Himalayas, circa 19th century Expert remark: Compare the related modeling and closely related size (9.5 cm). Note the different subject and lack of silvering.