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School of BRUGES circa 1500, follower of the Master...

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School of BRUGES circa 1500, follower of the Master of FLEMALLE La Vierge allaitant Circular oak panel, one board, not parqueted not parqueted, originally included. D. 18.6 cm (painted surface) Inscribed on the perimeter of the original frame: AVE REGINA CELORUM MATER REGIS ANGELORUM O MARIA FLOS VIRGINUM VELUD ROSA VEL LILIUM. There are several known versions of this composition, with its small, circular framing of the busts of the breast-feeding Virgin and Child1. They derive from a model by the Master of Flémalle (identified with the painter Robert Campin), dated circa 1425-1435, depicting the Virgin and Child standing and preserved in the Städel Museum, Frankfurt am Main. The tondo in Philadelphia (Museum of Art, Johnson Collection) is considered a copy a copy of a lost painting by the Flémalle master. In Bruges, around 1480-1500, this delicate image of maternal maternal tenderness was revived by Hans Memling2 , who distributed it, reversing the infant's position to the left. to the left. These medallions, in which the frame and painted image are carved from a single piece of wood, were often hung above four-poster beds, where they ensured the couple's protection. Their success and popularity due to a demand for small formats of this subject, intended for private devotion away from places of worship and public life. public life. The Devotio moderna movement, which developed in Northern Europe in the 14th and 15th centuries, emphasized spirituality, meditation and prayer within the domestic sphere. Easily transportable to help the faithful contemplate and reflect. We among the many early copies where the Child is on the left, the one on sale at Artcurial on March 23, 2022 and the one in the Mayer Van den Berghe Museum in Antwerp; the Musée de Dijon holds a version in which the Child is on the left. where the Child is on the right. 1. These include Brussels, Musée Royal des Beaux- Arts; Baltimore, Walters Art Museum, Dijon, Musée des Beaux-Arts, Antwerp, Musée Mayen Van den Bergh. 2. New York, Metropolitan Museum (Friedsam collection), wood, 17.5 cm, on gilded background. See M. J. Friedländer, Early Netherlandish Painting. VI. Hans Memlinc and Gerard David, vol. I, Leiden-Brussels, 1971, pp. 52-53, nos. 51 and 52.