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Buddha. Burma, 19th century. Ethnic work of the...

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Buddha. Burma, 19th century. Ethnic work of the Shan states, Tai Yai. Bronze. In good general condition. Measurements: 18 cm x 9 cm x 5,5 cm. Burmese bronze sculpture. It presents a meticulous work of chiseling in the face and costume. It represents Buddha seated in the posture of the lotus flower and making a mudra that symbolizes that he takes the earth as a witness. He is seated on a throne chiseled with foliate motifs in reference to the lotus flower. He wears a sumptuous robe, finely carved. The symmetry of his physiognomic features expresses serenity, the closed eyelids indicate meditation, the elongated earlobes symbolize nobility and wisdom. The headdress is inspired by the shape of a stupa. The bhumi sparsa mudra ('gesture of touching the Earth', being bhumi: 'the planet Earth'; and sparsha: 'to touch') represents the moment when Buddha solved the problem of ending suffering when he was under the Bodhi tree. Usually depicted by the historical Buddha and akshobhia seated in the lotus position, as in this magnificent bronze. The right hand almost touches the ground with the fingertips the left hand rests on the leg with the palm facing up.