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Buddha head. Early Ayutthaya period, Uthong B....

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Buddha head. Early Ayutthaya period, Uthong B. Thailand. 14th century. Bronze. Fragmentary state. Measurements: 9 x 8 x 8 cm; 15 cm high with stand. We are in front of a Buddha head belonging to the kingdom of Ayutthaya, to the first period called Uthong. The Uthong style and periods are divided in 3 categories, A-B-C. This head is classified in "B". It is a paradigmatic example of the 14th century. We have a square and prominent jaw that is strongly influenced by the Mon-Khmer style. Also, we identify in the head several lakshana or specific symbols of the plastic representation of buddhas and bodhisattvas of sacred significance, such as the eyelids rolled up, symbol of spiritual concentration and also of purity, for its similarity with the petals of the lotus. The serene and symmetrical face is a symbol of balance and serenity of a perfect being. Finally we also see the elongated earlobes, which allude to the large earrings worn by members of the upper classes and represent the concepts of greatness, nobility and wisdom.