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Lot of bladed weapons including: - Rectangular...

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Lot of bladed weapons including: - Rectangular cross-section spearhead with four sides, cylindrical stop in the mass with facets extending into a strong tang. Total length: 530mm - Hast weapon iron, symmetrical shape, acid-etched steel sheet, socket set. Total length: 350mm - Romantic dagger, straight blade with faded hexagon. Bone spindle, scalloped steel straight-guard flask. - Oriental dagger, four-sided blade, bronze leaf ricasso extending the two brass leaf quillons, inlaid wooden spindle, strong rivet knob. In a line-engraved bronze scabbard. Length : 310mm - Strong cutlass, strong blade with drop point and flat back, one-piece cast bronze spindle flared at the pommel and covered with anthropomorphic, zoomorphic and vegetal decorations. L: 370mm. No scabbard