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Strong, broad Caucasian (Muslim-influenced area)...

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Strong, broad Caucasian (Muslim-influenced area) or Turkish-type dagger evoking the silhouette of a kindjal. Strong, wide, 4-sided blade with two parallel gutters (on either side of the central ridge separating the 4 sides). Two recessed punches at the base of the gutters. Flat-ground frame embedded in a symmetrical black horn spindle adorned on the noble side with two raised steel cabochons (domed rivet heads on a scalloped teardrop rosette.) In a wood-framed scabbard lined with fine black leather. The scabbard is reinforced with a brass leaf strap, the steel strap has a waiting ring, and the very large steel bolt is open at the back and pierced at the front. Size 521 mm. (Condition 1)