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Emile GALLE in Nancy. Part of a "Reine de Roumanie"...

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Emile GALLE in Nancy. Part of a "Reine de Roumanie" earthenware service including : A vegetable dish H_19 cm D_25 cm, chips A soup tureen with its frame, H_22 cm W_33 cm D_24 cm, tiny chips and missing glaze on the handles. W_40 cm D_28.5 cm , chips A covered gravy boat H_15 cm W_26 cm D_17 cm , tiny chip Two dishes W_24.5 cm D_15 cm , a chip on one of them A compotier on foot, H_11.5 cm D_25.5 cm , one chip A bowl, H_10 cm W_25.5 cm , chips Six plates D_23.5 cm, one with hair through and chips, others with edge chips Seven plates D_24.5 cm, edge chips Seventeen plates D_25.8 cm, edge chips Approx. thirty plates, numerous chips