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Ambete reliquary statue, Gabon Ancestor statues...

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Ambete reliquary statue, Gabon Ancestor statues in African Mbede, Mbete or Ambete art Ancestor worship among the Mbete is accompanied by statues whose dorsal cavity frequently plays the role of a reliquary. This statue, which was placed above the reliquary, does not have a cavity for this purpose. The face features a characteristic physiognomy, with narrow, half-closed eyelids, a triangular nose and a mouth revealing the teeth. The coiffure is organized into several crests. Attached to the tubular bust, the raised arms are bent at right angles. Kaolin patina and use of red ochre hues 46 x 15 cm The Mbete are a tribe from Gabon, on the border with Moyen-Congo, neighboring the Obamba, whose history has been marked by a long-running conflict with the Teke. They have no centralized political organization and practice ancestor worship.