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AVEYRON (Rouergue). 1572. Archive of the noble...

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AVEYRON (Rouergue). 1572. Archive of the noble VIALAR (or VIALA) family and Noble Guion de BARRAU. Over 460 items: notarial papers, a few parchments and letters from 1572 to 1848, mostly from the 17th and 18th centuries, concerning: Henry de VIALAR Procureur d'Office au Comté de SALMIECH et Baronnie de LANDORRE en 1640, VIALAR Sieur D'ESPINOUS (1728-1751) Propriétaire à ESPINOUS, Commune d'ARVIEU, Les POMAREDES d'ESPINOUS; Noble Firmin de VIALAR de SOLSAC, Habitant le Château de SOLSAC, Commune de SALLES-LA-SOURCE (The estate escaped revolutionary sales and remained in the de Viala family until the 19th century.) and by marriage, Mr de POUZOLS, former officer at SALMIECH in 1765; Raymond VERNET, bourgeois of SALMIECH (12) in 1751. SALMIECH (Aveyron) was the chief town of a Châtellenie belonging to the domain of the Counts of RODEZ, then to the Barony of LANDORRE. (and lord of the towns and places dependent on the Abbey of BONNECOMBE. Deeds of nobility, guardianship accounts, leases, court documents, some documents concerning BONNECOMBE Abbey.