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Nadiège MALTZEFF wife BONIFAS (1939), known as...

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Nadiège MALTZEFF wife BONIFAS (1939), known as "KROCHKA Painter of silence Nadiège MALTZEFF épouse BONIFAS, also known as Krochka, is a Franco-Russian artist born in Paris in 1939. Her work has been exhibited mainly in France and Germany. Her paintings are silent, sensitive and immersive, with a play of dark shapes, light contours, textures, materials and light. The dull hues invite us into the painting. In effect, she forces viewers to take the time to adjust and modify their gaze, encouraging them to explore new horizons. Her work can be divided into three periods: an orange period, a long dark period caused by the loss of a loved one, which is subdivided into two parts. A very dark period and a lighter period where brighter colors are used, such as violet or sky blue. Finally, during the knitting period, the artist experiments with the loop motif in different forms and variations.