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ROUSSILLON. 1704. "Extrait des Registres du CONSEIL...

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ROUSSILLON. 1704. "Extrait des Registres du CONSEIL SOUVERAIN du ROUSSILLON." (Header, Royal Vignette Lettrine). Edict signed LOUIS CHAMILLART, given at VERSAILLES on July 19, 1704. We have ordered that all contracts and deeds of which the public has an interest in knowing be insinuated at the Registry of Secular Insinuations established in each City of the Kingdom. ... All deeds subject to Insinuation are to be presented in full to the Clerk, to be registered by them by extract only.... We declare subject to Insinuation all Orders, Judgments, Sentences bearing Safe-conduct or general Surséance...". Letter from the Conseil Supérieur de Roussillon in PERPIGNAN (66). Cupboard (53 x 39) Condition B.