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LILLE (NORD). 1702. PROCESSION OF THE HOLY SACRAMENT. "Nous Reward, Mayeur, Echevins, Conseil des Huit-hommes de la Ville de LILLE, faisant savoir que Jeudi 15 juin, la procession solennelle du Vénérable S. SACREMENT will take place through all the Colleges of this City, incontinently after the High Mass in the Collegiate Church of Saint Pierre, that it will leave the said Church to go to the Place S. Martin, rue de la Grande Chaussée, along the Beau Regard de la Bourse, by the Grande Place where it will make the Station of the Venerable Blessed Sacrament at the Altar which will be set up for this purpose, to then continue the march by the rue Erquermoise, then by the rue d'Angleterre to go to the said Eglise S. Pierre Church. . Followed by a police order for the proper conduct of the Procession with torches. Fait en Conclave le 13 Juin 1702 - Lettrine vignette. Cupboard (40 x 31) Condition A