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Haida Spoon Northwest Coast, Canada Horn H. 28...

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Haida Spoon Northwest Coast, Canada Horn H. 28 cm Haida spoon, North West Coast, Canada H. 11 in The Haida people live on the west coast of Canada, north of the United States, along the Pacific coast and in the Haida Gwaii archipelago. They are divided into two brotherhoods called Raven and Eagle. Each is made up of several clans, and marriages must be concluded between people belonging to two distinct groups. Skilled woodworkers, the Haida are particularly renowned for their canoes and airtight boxes. They also carved walrus ivory and goat horn. This type of spoon is most often made from mountain goat or mouflon horn. The handle is entirely carved with totemic figures, similar to those found on ritual poles. They are used in the potlatch ceremony. They are also bartered between the Haida and neighbouring populations such as the Tlingit and Tshimshian.

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