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Dan mask Ivory Coast/Liberia Wood, plant fibers...

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Dan mask Ivory Coast/Liberia Wood, plant fibers and metal H. 22 cm Dan mask, Ivory Coast/Liberia H. 8 ¾ in The Dan people live in the northwestern regions of Côte d'Ivoire and northeastern Liberia. An essential component of society, men's associations are a ferment of socio-political cohesion. Masks are crafted by them to embody the tutelary spirits of the bush, and displayed at ritual dances. The wearers and owners of masks are beings of particular prestige. This beautiful mask features an anthropomorphic face with stylized features. Set in a deep black oval, it is framed by a braided headdress and beard. Beneath the elegant arch of the eyebrows, the very fine eyes are enhanced with kaolin. The strong nose and high, prominent cheekbones add to the expressiveness of this object. The mouth, with its hemmed lips, is open and reveals teeth. Its intense expressiveness bears witness to the great Dan art.

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