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[MIMAUT (Louise)]. La Maison de Mademoiselle Mimaut 107, rue de Longchamp à Paris. sl, sn, [c. 1910]. Oblong folio, ivory half vellum boards with corners, green percaline boards, gilt title on front board (publisher's binding). Some rubbing. Title, one plate of 3 portraits, one plate of 2 portraits of Mlle Mimaut at home and 28 plates detailing her interior room by room. This album shows the mansion lived in and decorated by Mademoiselle Louise Mimaut from 1901 (purchase of the house on February 4, 1901) until her death in April 1910. The hotel was built in the 19th century (after 1834 and before 1881) by Mademoiselle Dosne, and demolished after 1955 to be replaced by another building. The album was commissioned in 100 copies by Monsieur and Madame Morane (heirs to the house) on the death of Mademoiselle Mimaut, and offered to her acquaintances as a tribute to her memory. The Musée Carnavalet also holds a collection of historical documents relating to Mademoiselle Mimaut's life and family, the history of the house and the making of the album (childhood drawings by Mademoiselle Mimaut, letters dating the various stages of the album's creation, letters of thanks from people who received the album, etc.).