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Set of 16 figurines by Dumesnil: line infantry...

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Set of 16 figurines by Dumesnil: line infantry and departmental company of the 19th Legion and Paris. Very good condition. COLLECTION OF ROBERT DUMESNIL FIGURINES In lead, fine paint, of First Empire foot troops; height 55 mm; executed circa 1950. Very fine execution with numerous details of accessories, matte paint. All are presented on a wooden base with the figure's name. Robert Dumesnil, set painter for theater and cinema, circa 1925, then publisher of collector's figurines, 17 rue Saint-Marc, Epinay. All figurines are different, there are no duplicates. Many thanks to Christian Blondieau for the information. Due to the fragility of certain elements (bayonets, sabres, trimmings, etc.), these figurines will be sold by designation. Some parts may be very slightly missing. This lot will not be displayed in the showroom, but will be sold by designation.

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